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Changzhou YuanZiRan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (Changzhou fourman Biotechnology Co., LTD.) is located in the south of Jiangsu Province -- the ancient cultural city "Dragon City" Changzhou with a history of more than 3200 years. The company was founded on April 10, 2009, with more than 30 employees.

Changzhou YuanZiRan New Material Technology Co., Ltd.is a modern comprehensive chemical enterprise integrating scientific research, production and trade. At present, the company is mainly positioned in the research and development and production of OLED photoelectric materials, environmental protection materials, high temperature and corrosion resistant new material monomer. With mature technology, it has become an important partner of many enterprises at home and abroad.

The company's research and development center is located in Changzhou Black Peony Science Park, an area of 913 square meters, strong laboratory research and development strength, complete detection means, research and development team is composed of many years of industry experience experts and technical personnel, rich research and development experience, can as soon as possible to transform scientific research results into productivity, to provide customers with efficient and quality customized synthesis services. The company has production bases in Yancheng and Hunan, covering an area of 25 mu, the annual output value of 30 million, the production process control is strict, the product quality is stable and reliable.

The company actively carries out industry-university-research cooperation and innovation, and now has project cooperation with senior experts from many famous universities and industries, such as Materials Research Institute of Xihua University, Changzhou Energy Storage Institute, Changzhou Advanced Materials Research Institute of Beijing University of Chemical Technology.

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