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Changzhou Fumeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd.-functionalized carbon nanomaterial technologyRecruitment project cooperation production partner
 Changzhou Fumeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a modern comprehensive chemical enterprise integrating scientific research, production and trade. It mainly produces heterocyclic (pyridine, pyrimidine, quinoline) series of intermediates, among which quinoline series is the main one. The company has production bases in Changzhou and Yancheng. The subordinate laboratories have strong research and development strength, complete testing means, stable and reliable product quality, and strict control of product production process.
At present, the company is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of OLED intermediates, new drug intermediates, high temperature and corrosion resistant new material monomers, and has become an important partner of many companies at home and abroad. The company actively cooperates with the Institute of Materials Research of Xihua University, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changzhou Institute of Energy Storage and Changzhou University to make full use of the technical and human resources of higher education institutions and advanced and mature technological achievements. The results are transformed into productivity as quickly as possible.
In recent years, the company is committed to the research and development of functional carbon nanomaterial series products and functionalized carbon nanomaterials filled with thermoplastic polymer modified materials. Now it has independent intellectual property rights, relevant patents, mature technology, and can be batch tested. Production.
The following is a series of product introductions:
Functionalized carbon nanomaterials
Product name: ethylenediamine grafted graphene, octadecyl grafted graphene, p-phenylenediamine grafted graphene, coupling agent modified graphene, corresponding grafted carbon nanotube series products.
Product traits: powder, colloid, dispersion
Product use: Functionalization of graphene not only can improve the dispersibility of graphene, but also can impart certain special properties to graphene, which provides a new opportunity for expanding its field of application. Aminoated modified graphene can be used in optoelectronics. Materials, sensors, detectors, energy storage materials, catalysis, nano-enhancement and other applications. In addition, it is used in the field of energy storage materials for supercapacitors, cathode materials for lithium batteries, fuel cells, medical fields, and polymer modified materials.
Product-oriented market: Used by manufacturing companies in the above fields as raw materials or intermediates.
Functionalized carbon nanomaterial filled thermoplastic polymer modified material series
Product name: high strength, high heat resistance, high temperature, conductive, thermal conductive thermoplastic polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, polyethylene terephthalate, nylon, polyvinylidene fluoride and other polymer materials.
Product traits: granular
Product use: Filling the functionalized carbon nanomaterial into the thermoplastic polymer material can significantly improve the toughness, heat resistance and electrical conductivity of the polymer matrix at very low filler loading. Composite materials can be used in wire and cable, electrical and electronic, optoelectronic materials, thermal sensors (such as LED lamp cups, spotlights, heat sinks, heat sinks), detectors, energy storage materials, biomedical and other fields. It can also be used as a raw material for general polymer products enterprises, such as pipes, plates and other production structural parts and functional parts.
Product-oriented market: used as a raw material for manufacturing companies in the above fields.
The functional carbon nanomaterial series developed by the company is widely used in many fields such as biomedicine, energy storage materials and optoelectronic materials. In view of the company's development needs, the new technology is transformed into productivity and patented new products quickly occupy the market. The company now recruits cooperative production partners in various ways.

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